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Getting Started
Everyone is welcome to participate in Sports Car Club of Rockford activities. Learn more by visiting the following topics.

Parking Lot Autocross

Fill your need for speed and test your driving skill against the clock. Parking lot autocross is a safe, easy, and low cost way to see what you and your car can do on a closed course. Cars run one at time through a course of pylons. You can "run what you brung."

High Speed Autocross

Want higher speeds on a real race track? High Speed Autocross tests your driving skills against the clock and fellow competitors.

High Performance Driving Experience

The High Performance Driving Experience lets you take your street car out on the race track. There are sessions for all skill levels and this is a great way to drive your car at speed.

Wheel to Wheel Road Racing

Excitement, speed, and competition. Wheel to Wheel racing lets you run your purpose built race car on famous tracks, head to head against others.